I love when little black boxes arrive. Julep’s Oscar and Natasha. #nailmail #julep #nailpolishaddict (Taken with Instagram)

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I think I laughed wayyy too much at this

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Darth Maul don’t give a fuck about what you believe, kid.

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So I have no idea what the fuck I did to my nails, but I going with it and have named it Vegas drag queen nails. FAQ Yes these are my real nails, I spend a lot of time taking good care of them to keep them strong. If you guys have followed me for awhile then you’d know I struggled with my habit of biting them until I was 21, so now I revel in their glorious street walker length.


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Well I do get a fat paycheck on the 30th for working with all the crazy holiday shoppers this month. (Taken with instagram)

We hit up O’Flaherty’s ugly holiday sweater party last night. Of course we had no luck in finding actual holiday sweaters when we went thrifting, so I worked my crafting magic and fixed us up these bad boy sweaters. My Christmas ornament earrings were surprisingly a hit, they took all of 3 minutes to whip up.

How to make a holiday ferret. Just add big ass red velvet bow. (Taken with instagram)